Meet The Founder/Maker

Hi, I'm cheryl and I'm the owner of Waterfall Scents Candle Company

Hey there! Im Cheryl the owner of Waterfall Scents. I'm a mom of 3 who juggles with kids, household responsibilities, cooking, endless laundry, and deals with stress and anxiety everyday. I am on a mission to create a high quality, non-toxic and eco-friendly product that's safe for me, my family, and you and your family to use for relaxation and/or self-care.

Also, living with severe asthma, I've learned to avoid store-bought candles that have extremely high toxic chemicals. Like you, I prioritize clean and safe products around my kids and pets. Your family deserves the same!

Behind the meaning of Waterfall Scents!

When I was 18, I had to work one day, but I still wanted to hike with my family. After swimming in the waterhole near the waterfall, I washed my hair in the waterfall, then dried my hair and straightened it in my parents van on my way to work.

I still get excited thinking about my childhood adventures hiking with my family. We saw so many beautiful waterfalls that I thought of when I created this company. Just a reminder of God's incredible creations. 






 I poured hours into researching candle making and running a business, and after all that studying and testing out different versions of my own candles, I wanted something non-toxic and natural.

I use 100% vegan soy wax, giving you peace of mind that you're burning clean, toxin-free candles. Make your home a safe, natural environment for you and your loved ones.

I take great care to hand-pour each item with the finest natural ingredients, adding non-toxic, eco-friendly fragrance oils & essential oils, plus all-natural wood wicks for a cozy, crackling campfire atmosphere.

We appreciate your love and support, and helping up do the happy dance!